Kinju Quintet at The Skylark Room

September 9, 2017

Kinju Quintet at The Skylark Room

Kinju Quintet is a Melbourne based group that plays original jazz incorporating elements of swing, blues, funk, soul and the odd bit of world music with the aim of achieving an Australian sound. The compositions allow for personal interpretation and improvisation in accordance with the themes of the songs, all of which have a set framework and theme statement. There are some fairly obvious influences from the cool sounds of the Blue Note label, particularly the sounds of the fifties and sixties and players like Miles, Monk and Mingus but essentially the aim is a joyous, soulful, laid-back ‘blowout’.

Our CD, ‘Seven Moments’ has twice been featured on the 3 PBS ‘Jazz on Saturday’ show and is currently available through

The Kinju Quintet lineup is Lily Sutton – trombone, Chelsea Allen – drums, Phil Reichman – saxophones, Sam Izzo – keyboard, Tony King – double bass.

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